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Congregation Or Ami Partner Form 2023-2024


Welcome to Congregation Or Ami! We are thrilled you are joining the partnership that is our congregational community.

Please fill in your contact information below.

Adult 1

Adult 2



*Please provide us with your child(ren)'s cell phone (if applicable), so our rabbis can be in touch with them, when necessary.


We want to make sure that we have a complete list of Yahrzeit dates (anniversary of death) so we can send you a reminder of when to say Kaddish (memorial prayer). Please enter your Yahrzeit information below.

Or Ami Village - For Or Ami Partners 55 and over

Or Ami Village is a vibrant, welcoming community, for partners 55+.  Villagers have been gathering twice a month for over a year to socialize, laugh and learn together, to form connections and friendships … in the warm and inclusive Or Ami way. Join us and help the Village continue to thrive!


We invite you to be part of this vibrant Jewish community. Our partnership (membership) levels provide you with a personalized vibrant Jewish experience within a community committed to social action, Torah learning, and meaningful relationships. Your commitment opens doors for your family to enjoy exciting events as a part of a warm, inspiring, and musical community.

The actual cost of maintaining Or Ami's operations is approximately $5,000 per household. Committing at the Sustainer level enables us to completely cover our cost, and ensures Or Ami's vibrant future.

Please check the box on the right to select your partnership commitment level.


Help build Or Ami's future by committing to a generous contribution. 

  • Household: $10,000

BUILDER LEVEL includes all of the SUSTAINER offerings, plus 4 additional High Holiday tickets ($1,200 value), 2 additional Or Ami One (Gala) tickets ($300 value), 2 retreat tuitions ($600 value - for Teen or 4th-6th grades), Or Ami One (Gala) Full Page in Tribute Book ($500 value), and 1 FREE PARTNERSHIP for 1 year to gift to a new family ($3,500 value - this gift does not include Religious School or B'nai Mitzvah tutoring tuition).


Joining at this level covers the actual cost of your household's involvement.

  • Household: $5,000

SUSTAINER LEVEL includes all of the PARTNER offerings, plus premier access to special events and celebrations, local LoMPTY events ($190 value - not including NFTY SoCal or Or Ami retreats), 2023-2024 B'nai Mitzvah fees ($950 value - does not include tutoring fees), and two additional High Holiday Tickets ($700 value).


PARTNER LEVEL includes all of the CONGREGANT offerings, plus Or Ami One (Gala) tickets for adults in household (up to $300 value), Women's/Men's Night Out, Speaker Series, as well as access to Education Programs (Kesher and/or MAKOM Teen Programs) and Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs, both of which require separate tuition. 


  • Neighbor: $250 per adult
    Additional charges may apply for Life Cycle events. Community Service Assessment and Security & Safety Fee are waived.
  • Sustaining Neighbor: $1,000 family total
    Additional charges may apply for Life Cycle events. Community Service Assessment and Security & Safety Fee are waived.

CONGREGANT LEVEL includes High Holiday Tickets for adults and children under age 26, weekly Shabbat services, Empty Nester gatherings, Business Roundtable, LoMPTY teen membership (non-board positions), and access to clergy (spiritual counseling and lifecycle events). Or Ami One (Gala) requires purchase of tickets ($150/person).


For full dues-paying members of another synagogue.

  • Household: $1,300

ASSOCIATE LEVEL includes 2 adult High Holiday tickets, monthly mailings, and bulletin. Some restrictions apply on voting privileges and life cycle officiation by clergy. Or Ami One (Gala) requires purchase of tickets ($150/person).

All levels pay a $225 Community Service Assessment Fee.

Your Community Services Assessment allows Or Ami to directly support local, national, Israeli, and international Jewish projects beyond the Congregation walls.

All levels pay a $400 Security & Safety Fee. 

Your Security & Safety Fee helps us address real-world security and safety concerns within the Congregation and during off-site programs.


Please tell us how you would like to pay your partnership fees.

All partnership fees are 100% tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Partnership fees must be paid in full by April 30, 2024.

Payments will post on the 1st day of each month unless you let us know specify a different day here..

Paying by Credit Card: After submitting this form, you will be taken into your secure account where you will be able to add a preferred card for paying your partnership fees. We will contact you to confirm your payment plan before charging your card. You may also call the temple office at 818-880-4880 to give your credit card number.


The undersigned hereby represents, warrants and agrees that (i) he/she has read and understood the content of this Application, (ii) all the information provided to COA herein is true and correct as of the date hereof, (iii) he/she agrees to be bound by the terms hereof including the payment of the Partnership Commitment  and other fees and fees as and when due and payable hereunder, (iv) he/she agrees to pay a late fee of two percent (2%) per month on the unpaid balance of dues and fees not paid as and when due hereunder, (v) he/she shall abide by the bylaws, rules and regulations of COA as they currently exist and/or as they shall be amended or adopted during the term of this membership, (vi) that COA may publish and republish photographs and videos taken of me and my family at any and all COA events. Said publication may include COA’s newsletter, website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, social media, e-newsletters and other publications, and local and national media as it shall determine, and (vii) COA may include the information on this form in a roster that is distributed only to the COA community. Furthermore, I consent that such photographs and or videos shall be the property of COA, which has the right to duplicate, reproduce and make other uses as COA deems necessary. The undersigned authorize COA to publish photographs of me and my family for the express purposes consistent with the mission and operations of COA.

Tell Us More About You/Your Family

Please let us know where you need support and/or have an interest. Check the box(es) below that fits for you/your family.

Sat, March 2 2024 22 Adar I 5784